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Shelf is the solution for asset distribution and multichannel auctioning on various e-commerce webpages simultaneously


Solution for multichannel Auctioning


Multiple trading platforms, across the globe, provide a much wider pool of buyers, perfecting competition. 


Standardised fields for each asset is the next generation of MLS (multiple listing service), and allows the content distribution.

Data such as pictures, documents, media are provided through links and hashes by the standardised field, but are stored and seeded in a distributed manner.

Messaging service through protocol allows direct communication between the seller - sub agents and buyers.

Smart contract layer provides the universal mechanism of lot creation, where entire process of auctioning, commission payments are pre-programmed by the seller in a user friendly and simple compiler.

Blockchain ledger guarantees the process transparency and allows multiple network parties to collaborate and bid in a distributed ecosystem. 

Automated management of e-commerce processes

Concept papers


  • Access to multiple sub-agents

  • Cutting costs

  • Easy administration

  • Building trusted networks

  • Transparency 

  • Free inventory pools by asset type

  • Easy diversification

  • Commission based income

  • Building additional app. services

  • Cutting cost on infrastructure 



  • Diversity of choice

  • Improved services

  • User oriented approach

  • Low switching costs

  • Transparency 


  • Payment commissions

  • Holding Deposit funds

  • Processing integrations

  • Selling additional services

  • Gathering new clients 




Shelf has the multi ledger architecture, that allows the creation of separate channels, where certain group of sub-agents, merchants operate without interfering or loading others with unnecessary data.

ShelfNetwork - Ecosystem

We envision that there will be a global directory with list of categories for a particular regions, countries such as real estate, land, cars, commodities etc. Trading platforms that want to participate in certain trades will select particular categories that suits their needs and then select particular items to be traded through their e-commerce webpage. 


​Distributed Lab is a crypto & decentralized technology expertise center. Founded in 2014, the team consists of 30 experts: researchers, developers, analysts. Main activities are custom blockchain development, creation of innovative products and architectures, education and conferences.

​Pavel Kravchenko is a decentralized systems expert, university lecturer, PHD. in Cryptography. Co-founder of Distributed Lab that is the tech team, fully focused on open-source blockchain projects for financial and public sector. Vice chancellor of Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics, Advisor at decentralized platform Decent. Has worked at Tembusu Terminals as a chief cryptographer, combine anonymity and KYC and built architecture & core of the project. Was a cryptographer at Stellar development foundation. 

Lasha Antadze is the co - Author of the decentralised auction project, lead of the reform’s team that launched the MVP version of auction on state land trades and communal property in Ukraine. Founder of MBCons - Market research and consulting firm, that partners with Georgian ministry of agriculture and economy on joint project developments and investments, feasibility analysis by sector. 


Technical monopoly

Scattered marketplace

No competition


Universal solution 

Asset management 

Enhancing competition